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The American Riviera Lifestyle

The American Riviera Lifestyle - Ivy Cove Montecito

When you’ve arrived, you know it. From the Pacific Ocean, the American Riviera rises above the tideline. It climbs up the hillsides above Montecito, California, and calls offshore to seafarers and jetsetters on the horizon. In Montecito, fashion boutiques line Coast Village Road, collecting conversations the world over and delivering quality goods for the well traveled. The village buzzes with life and inspires appreciation for the finer things. 

Ivy Cove Montecito Leather Goods Company comes from a place of easy luxury that is fashioned for a clientele who trend toward adventure. High-quality leather goods suit those who value comfort and class, whether on a stroll at home along Butterfly Beach or taking off to see friends in Fiji. 

The American Rivera

Men’s Leather Fashion Accessories

For understated men, high quality leather fashion is an easy choice. Durable and debonair, leather straddles all the lines of men’s fashion to pass at the sidewalk cafe or rise to the occasion for an evening out. A leather wallet or sleek card holder can be fashionable and practical, and the well-appointed gentlemen never compromises when shopping for leather belts.

The Ivy Cove collection offers men an assortment of handcrafted leather bags, pouches and kits that are suited for an American Riviera lifestyle. Montecito leather goods also include slippers, sandals and loafers built for comfort from only responsibly produced leather. Earthy aromas and supple textures make leather the top choice for men’s lifestyle accessories.

Men's Leather Accessories

Women’s Leather Fashion Accessories

Subtle touches make all the difference. The Ivy Cove collection is designed for the woman who cares about quality and gathers wardrobe pieces that serve a purpose while always elevating her sense of style.

Picture this: Jeans and a T-shirt work well for a day on the town. Add an Ivy Cove handbag and ballet slippers to the ensemble and you’re ready to choose your adventure, whether it’s picking up a smoothie on Coast Village Road or boarding a plane to San Miguel de Allende.  


As a California Leather Goods Company, Ivy Cove has your needs covered, because overthinking it is the worst part about preparing for the day. It’s a lifestyle curated for those who understand that achieving a look should not demand all of your attention or detract from your confidence. The Ivy Cove collection is an instant West Coast classic, combining the tastes and elegance of European fashion runways with the laid back chic of the American Riviera.