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Ivy Cove’s Commitment to Sustainability

Quality goods and luxury design starts with responsible sourcing, fair labor practices and a sustainable supply chain.

Thoughtfully crafted and sustainably sourced, our collection of leather goods and luxury accessories embodies sophistication with a global perspective.

At Ivy Cove, we believe in responsibility to our roots and the planet. Our journey inspires a commitment to environmental stewardship and reverence for the artisans who breathe life into our designs. Join us in embracing a conscious approach to luxury, where style meets sustainability and integrity.

Ivy Cove views quality and sustainability as inseparable. Fine leather goods come from refined processes at the tannery and a gentle approach to manufacturing and shipping for a global customer base. We are fully devoted to driving best management practices among leather goods and accessory production companies and exceeding industry standards.Ivy Cove stands out as being certified by leading auditors from around the world.

- Gold Rated Italian Tannery Audited by Environmental Working Group

- Gold Rated from the Leather Working Group (LWG)

- Global Organic Textile Standard Certified for materials