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Leadbetter Phone Case

In an era when the phone has become computer, calendar, clock, and camera, it literally has become the single accessory we can’t do without. Next time you dress for a stroll on the shore, a hike up a wind-swept vista, or even a day on the town, never worry about forgetting your phone or where you’re going to carry it again, the Leadbetter Phone Case by Ivy Cove has the solution you’ll need. Fashionably colored in our signature Cobalt leather with a strap long enough to wear comfortably cross-body, and finished off with a snap closure, the Leadbetter Phone Case may become another essential piece of your daily wardrobe.

• Cobalt
• Leather
• Measures 7” x 4.5” x 1”
• Strap for crossbody wear
• Protects phone from drop or bumps
• Snap closure for security
• Clean with soft, dry cloth