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Bermuda Airpod Case

Never lose your AirPods again with the Bermuda AirPod Case. The smooth white finish of the charging block makes them insanely stylish, but nearly impossible to hold onto. Who hasn’t nearly lost them (or worse) getting off of a boat, on a ski lift, or even in the sofa in your den. The Ivy Cove solution is to encase the smooth White case with an even more stylish leather case fashioned in Aqua leather with the Ivy Cove Blue/Green stripe. Each case has a loop to allow it to be strapped onto a belt. Charging is easily done through a portal cut into the bottom of each case.

• Aqua/Stripe
• 100% Leather
• Measures 3” x 2” x .5”
• Fit the AirPod classic size
• Clean with soft, dry cloth